Topi can handle all the registration and ticket sales needs for your event.

The registration screen is divided in 6 tabs: pricing, settings, tickets, questions, coupons and payout.


In this tab, you can select whether your event is free or attendees need to pay for (at least some of) the tickets. If your event is a paid event, you must select a currency for your tickets. We currently support U.S. dollar, euro, Russian ruble, South African rand, Australian dollar and pound sterling.


Enter a contact name and email address that will be included in all order confirmation emails that we send to attendees. 


Use this tab to create your tickets types. For each ticket type, you can specify:

  • Name
  • Description - use our rich text editor to customize font size, face (bold, italic or underline), text color, background color and horizontal alignment
  • Nominative ticket - check this box if you require attendees to disclose their full name and email address when they purchase this type of ticket
  • Donations allowed - check this box if you wish to allow attendees to add a donation amount to their order when they purchase this type of ticket. Topi does not charge processing fees on donations.
  • Private ticket - check this box if you wish the ticket to be temporarily removed from sale
  • Price
  • Fees - you can decide how the processing fees are split between you and your attendees
  • Quantity available
  • Minimum order - specify a minimum number of tickets that must be bought together. This is useful for group tickets.
  • Maximum order
  • Available from - date and time that the tickets are available from
  • Available until - date and time that the tickets are available until


You can ask questions during the registration process. For each question, you can specify:

  • Question text
  • Ticket type(s) for which the question should be displayed
  • Mandatory checkbox
  • Response type - this can be either free text, single choice or multiple choices. If you select single choice or multiple choices, you need to provide all possible answers. Each possible answer can also display an optional free text input box, e.g. for a "Other - please specify" answer. 


Coupons offer discounts when purchasing tickets. For each coupon, you can specify:

  • Code that must be entered to redeem the coupon
  • Discount that should be applied (percentage)
  • How many times this coupon can be used


Please fill in your individual or corporation details and bank account number so we can process your payout at the end of your event.

Please note that there is a minimum of 15 (fifteen) days between the end of your event and the payout.




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