This screen lets you manage your event agenda, or schedule as it's sometimes called.

It is divided in 2 main tabs: the sessions tab, and the tracks tab.

Sessions tab

Using the date picker widget, select a date to see all existing sessions for that particular date.

Click the ADD button in the top right corner to add a session.

For each session, you will be able to enter:

  • name
  • start and end times
  • track(s) - start typing a track name and the dashboard will autocomplete. See the tracks tab below to create tracks
  • description - you can use our rich text editor to customize font size, face (bold, italic or underline), text color, background color and horizontal alignment.
  • location, e.g. room name or number

Please refer to this article for more information about the session screen.

For bulk import of sessions, please follow this article

Tracks tab

The tracks tab allows you to manage all tracks, including the text and background colors for individual tracks.


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